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Dear customer,

With the imminent end of the GSM 2G mobile network, which your remote switching equipment needs to work, we see the profitability of the EcoStarter web service gradually decreasing and the impossibility for us to invest and continue to provide a quality service. EcoStarter GmbH has set March 1, 2023 as the final shutdown date for its service internationally, after 15 years of operation.

On the other hand, Sikom, which is the manufacturer of your equipment, can provide upgrades that preserve as much as possible your initial investment and ensure a certain continuity in the operation of your equipment.

If you are based in Switzerland, you should contact our successor Maurer Elektromaschinen.
Otherwise, you may directly contact Sikom by e-mail: post@sikom.no

Sikom's new central units are operated either by manual SMS or via a mobile app offering a more modern user experience than our web app.

We thank you for your trust and encourage you to find a new solution that still enables you to save energy without giving up comfort.

Best regards
Your EcoStarter team

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